Affiliate Mistakes That Can Kill Your Internet Marketing Career

Many people are unaware of what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is simply the process in which you market another persons product, but make money on each item sold through your specific links. You are given a precise URL to advertise and will show which sales were made by you. There are several advantages to this type of business and you have the potential of making good money if you will ensure that you are properly prepared and know what you are doing. However, like any business, there's a scope for mistakes happening here as well. The best way to avoid making mistakes is to learn from other people who have already made them. Given below are 3 such critical mistakes that you should be avoiding.

Not Pre-selling

Are you putting in all your efforts to draft out a sales pitch for your affiliate product? If the answer is yes, you are going about affiliate marketing in all the wrong ways. This might sound like a farce, but as an affiliate, you job is not to sell. Let me explain how being an affiliate really works. Somebody enters your site, reads your sales pitch and then clicks the link, all they are greeted with at the other end is another sales pitch. Do you think he/she will want to buy something? Probably not. In order to avoid this very common mistake, you have to pre-sell the affiliate product on your site, not sell it. You job as an affiliate marketer is to interest your prospects and send them directly to the actual sales page, not sell the product. Doing this will keep your visitor's attention and increase the chances that they will complete the buying cycle, going from a prospect to a customer. It will prevent visitors from losing interest and simply leaving your site.

A second mistake is in promoting a product that has several choices for payments.

Even though this is the most common mistake affiliates make, it is often overlooked. By promoting an affiliate product that offers multiple payment options, you take the chance of losing commissions that should be yours. This is especially true for Clickbank products, since Clickbank only offers downloadable products. Certain vendors who use Clickbank present multiple payment options to their customers, like checks or merchant gateways. You may be wondering why this puts your commission at risk. In the event that a customer buys your product by utilizing one of these alternate payment options instead of Clickbank, you will likely lose credit for making the sale, which means you will not get your Clickbank affiliate commission.

Mistake Three: Ignoring Email Lists

Due to the fact that a prospect often has to be exposed to the offer more than once to be convinced, don't trust that every visitor to click your affiliate link will buy. If you haven't incorporated an opt-in form to your website you are missing an effective way of securing long term profits. When you start to build your own mailing list, you will be able to follow up with all of your subscribers by delivering real value, while building a strong relationship. You can use this to develop a relationship in them, so they feel more invested in your product and more inclined to buy from you.

While affiliate marketing has made many people rich, it as also left many people in the dark. If you want to become a highly profitable affiliate, you need to learn from mistakes (yours and others) and do your best to avoid making them again.


Daniel Waser is a full time Internet marketer and home business owner living in Switzerland. He's passionate about online marketing in general, SEO and traffic generation.

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