Quick Online Business Ideas For Viral Marketing Campaigns

Hey here are some great Online Business Ideas for creating super hot viral campaigns online. They are very easy to execute. A viral campaign consist of 3 elements. Each are connected to the other and if they are not used in correlation it will not work. So pay attention and understand their differences.

First you can use a million tactics but it means nothing if you do not have these 3 core values in place as a foundation. Admiringly there is no perfect science but if you have the following core values placed in every campaign it will get you more than noticed.

1. Message: I know this sounds simple but no core message no viral. The message has to be simple. Remember the number one traffic You-tube gets is from small group not the million view videos. Small groups come in the form of local high school sports teams. The same goes for colleges and universities. Do you realize that hundreds of millions watch their local teams around the world?

You message has to be something that relates to them. Not something you THINK relates to them. No message no value. No value no viral campaign. The last part is simplicity. What was US President Barack Obamas message in the 2008 election? Hope. Simple and understandable to millions. you need to create a similar message that connects with your audience.

2. Connection: this is where people "get it" and want to spread it. This is whee people like it so much they need to share with others. That's why you need to make sure they have a way to share across the Internet via social media. Now this is important: you must know what your audience uses the most. Some niches use twitter only while some may use Face book, twitter and Stumbled upon.

3. Call to Action: OK you have your message and people are connected to share that message. Now they need to be told to do it. I know it seems lame but the truth is that most people respond to a call to action.

Whether it is social media or SEO or whatever you use if your campaign doesn't contain the 3 above it will fail. A successful viral campaign contains these core values.


Darren Scott Monroe is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Motivator, Business Consultant, and Writer. His work has been featured in major publication like Forbes where he advised people about online entrepreneurship. Darren is a constant practitioner of generating and developing excellent online business ideas. He is also a Social Media master who has taught thousands how to build a massive network. He is also a member of over 100 online international groups.He currently shares tons of

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