Creating Successful Management Systems for Small Business

Creating Successful Management Systems for Small Business

By Daryl Des Marais

Creating successful small business systems can have varying degrees of success depending on many variables. The size of the company, location, number of people, level of skills, company resources and various other items come into play. How do you manage to create a system that will be beneficial and able to be revised as changes in the market, industry or people resources change?

This can be a delicate subject and involve a variety of stakeholders from business owners, to competitors, to HR Directors to government to your financial resources and assets available.

But what does it take to design a system that can "re-engineered" at times, but match the goals your company sets or HR culture you want dependant on company profit margins etc. How can you balance these things so the costs do not outweigh the benefits?

There are various management systems and providers in the marketplace. Company benchmarks and industry standards as well as research of the local situation are beneficial. But what if you want to do "better than average"? What if you want to put a system in place that will represent your brand and identity but be able to change it at times when your HR resources change, or when market conditions change? How can you do this so you can be competitive yet not be too costly to affect your margins?

Over time(centuries), the principle of basic business systems have not changed(sales-costs-taxes=profit), however the complexity between these items and statements has changed depending on your location in the world, labour market, tax laws, asset costs etc. So how can you create a management system that is more profitable given your local market condition?

Everyone has different expectations in terms of profit and the level of assets of debt that they want to carry, but many would like to generate a perpetual system that does not have a lot of change or friction based on the variables.

Well you need something greater than the sum of the parts. You know your business like no other, but technological changes and market conditions change rapidly and this will only increase in the future, especially if you are in a larger market.

In a future article we will discuss various systems and solutions that are available to meet these challenges and help you in your business expansion. & Growth Secrets. Mr. Des Marais has assisted small businesses with expansion and growth for over 20 years. His expertise is in expansions, turnarounds and business development.

He has been a consultant and held positions in some of Americas and Canada's fastest growing companies and led teams to top ten and #1 positions in Canada. He can be reached at (604)-338-6719.


Mr. Des Marais has operated small businesses for over 20 years. He has been a consultant and held positions in some of the fastest growing companies in Canada. He has held past management positions in retail, tourism, hospitality and sales for a variety of companies. He has increased sales by 200% in 2 months for an herbal doctor; increased sales by 30% in 4 months for a major Canadian Big Box Retailer; 200% sales increase 3 times in a row for a service-based small business and helped several en...

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