Finding Information on Small Business Loans

Are you looking for resources online to find information on small business loans? There are many resources available for entrepreneurs in the USA looking for financing resources from loans to grants. Some examples are:

1. Small Business Association

The SBA provides loans, equity capital and other forms of potential financing for your small business. If you click on the free online course:finance primer:Guide to SBA's loan program; you can find our more detailed information. On this site you will also find Surety Bonds, Equity Capital, Regulations, and Compliance information.

2. Merchant Loans

Another options is merchant loans and there are a variety of companies that offer these. You can get cash advances based on certain criteria up to $1,000, small business loans from $10,000 to $1,000,000 or small business financing using your 401k. There are numerous companies but you can check out

3. Small Business Center has a good amount of information on business loans, grants, how to get a small business loan, invoice factoring and commercial loans. There are a wide variety of article information on this site to assist you.

4. Business Loan USA

Businessloanusa is a good site for all sorts of business loans. They have information on Equipment financing and leasing, accounts receivable factoring, export trade financing, gas stations and car washes, dip financing, church financing just to name a few. There is also help with commercial real estate financing, hotel and motels, hard money, construction and renovation, medical equipment leasing, practise acquisition financing and working capital loans. This is a great resource for someone that is looking for industry specific information on loan financing.


Mr. Des Marais has operated small businesses for over 20 years. He has been a consultant and held positions in some of the fastest growing companies in Canada. He has held past management positions in retail, tourism, hospitality and sales for a variety of companies. He has increased sales by 200% in 2 months for an herbal doctor; increased sales by 30% in 4 months for a major Canadian Big Box Retailer; 200% sales increase 3 times in a row for a service-based small business and helped several en...

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