The Art of Being a Good Group Leader

Moderation & Mediation:

Some people think that running a group is as easy as creating a group name and then inviting people into it but there is a lot more to running a successful group than just picking a catchy name.

Group leaders need to also be capable of being group mediators, they need to seperate themselves from taking sides and listen to both sides of any conflicts that arise.

Recently my wife was invited into and joined 2 groups on Facebook where unknown to her 1 or more of the members were people she had blocked for harrassment, in one case within 5 minutes of joining one of the groups she was removed without any reason given and blocked from contacting the admins to findout why.

In the other group she faired a little better lasting a full 12 hours before they too removed her and again blocked her from questioning why.

This shows a severe lack of understanding on the part of the group admins, they think because they created the group they have the right to sit in judgement and deal out bannishments without even listening to both sides of any complaint.

Group admins should take each and every complaint seriously but instead of making a rash Judgement and siding with someone simply because they have known them longer or like them better than the other party.


As a Group Leader you need to get discussions and posts happening regularly, the easiest way to do this is to create topics that are of interest and be active yourself, don't just get the people into your group and basically walk away leaving the members to do all the posting and topic creation, it's your group and you are the main attraction not the group subjects.

people join groups to learn and to socialize with the person who created the group your absence will kill off the group activity.

Assistant Admins Group Moderators:

When promoting group members to help run your group be aware of the persons temperament, like you they need to seperate themselves from any personal feelings when dealing with disputes or complaints, they represent you and ultimately you are responsible for anything they do within your group area.


The base line here is Groups require a lot of work if they are to be successful and achieve what you as the creator want from it, if your not dedicated to running your group then it may be better to either not create it or to close it down, creating a group then not working it can be damaging to your reputation it can certainly affect your following and ultimately could affect your business, so before you create a group be sure you can afford the time and are prepared to handle any and all conflicts that may arise.


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