18 Business Trends for Your Sales Force

This week's edition of Meet the Sales Experts featured a panel of three sales development experts. My guests were Mark Berezow, Gary Harvey and Rocky LaGrone. Before they handled one caller's sales force challenges (excellent stuff) , they commented on the state of business out there right now.

They see:

  • no more tolerance for mediocrity
  • focus on new business development
  • changing strategies
  • more accountability
  • more emphasis on evaluating the sales force to identify the right people
  • lots of movement
  • companies have already cut as much as they can
  • focus on the revenue side of the business
  • gearing up for a great 2010
  • more interest in investing in their people
  • companies will now grow or die and people will go with them
  • can't move forward without A Players
  • doing what you've always done won't get the results you've always gotten
  • cautious optimism
  • companies thought they had salespeople and now recognize they had order takers
  • less overall resistance
  • companies are hiring salespeople right now in a big way
  • manufacturers are releasing PO's and money
It sure sounds like things are looking up!

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Dave Kurlan is a best-selling author, top-rated speaker and thought leader on sales development.  He is the founder and CEO of Objective Management Group, Inc., the industry leader in sales assessments and sales force evaluations, and the CEO of David Kurlan & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in sales force development. Dave has been a top rated speaker at Inc. Magazine's Conference on Growing the Company, the Sales & Marketing Management Conference and the Gazelles...

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