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I was asking myself how to improve productivity today and wanted to share some thoughts. To be honest I was having one of those days where I just couldn’t be bothered and I was trying to convince myself that If I just got on with it I’d just be making myself seem busy. I told myself a nice day off would be improving productivity tomorrow. Luckily I talked myself out of it – I’m the boss after all!

My main tip for improving productivity is to come up with a task list for the next day and work through it. It’s pretty easy when working from home to get into some bad habits that are the total opposite of improving productivity. You can end up just shambling aimlessly through the day and find you’ve actually done very little. You actually would be better off taking a day out in that scenario.

Improving productivity through outsourcing and automating is also a good call so that even if you are feeling unmotivated or just want some time off, something is being done. For example – I set up a weeks worth of daily broadcasts to my list of subscribers at the start of the week and scheduled them to be sent each day automatically. I also have a series of videos that go out automatically to anyone that joins the list via an ad or email campaign.

I’m also currently working through a list of emails and sending 500 per day to advertise 2 businesses. I used the Google mail canned responses – see video below - to create the emails so I don’t even need to cut/paste or recreate them. A few clicks and they’re gone.

So with systems in place that are working away on autopilot there is in theory more time to spend on further improving productivity in other areas. Yesterday for example I learned how to produce more professional looking video and filmed myself going through a presentation. With post film editing and then uploading to Youtube this took several hours. Time I would have been worried I was wasting if I didn’t have the auto stuff going on.

Improving productivity doesn’t have to mean running around like a headless chicken – the busy fool syndrome - after all. To me it means getting more out of the day and out of your efforts. Another example: In a recent blog I talked about an email I got from someone who asked me how they could trust me. That gave me content for a blog post, which I also made into a video. Those are both out there in the world now improving productivity for me on some level.

So improving productivity for the home based online business at least, isn’t really about creating umpteen tasks for yourself to get through, its more about maximising the results of what you do. One thing that I’ve become a master at is the simple act of cutting and pasting. I use it all the time and I’m sure if I could be bothered totting up the time it saves it would be impressive – a great way of improving productivity.

Luckily for me a lot of the tools and the training to use them I use for improving productivity in my business are supplied by the business itself – the joys of being an affiliate with SFM. Things like auto - responders and the content that I use in them are all supplied along with a raft of other tools and tips aimed at improving productivity.


I am a full time internet entrepreneur. I run several online businesses as an independent affiliate in the areas of internet marketing training, advertising and trading/network marketing. I persona;;y mentor anyone who joins my teams and am dedicated to helping others achieve financial and lifestyle independence. Based in Scotland, I am a keen musician, photographer and writer. I live with my partner who is a self employed driving instructor and I help her with marketing her successful busines...

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