360 Degree Appraisals

A traditional appraisal is held every 6 months or yearly by the management who appraised the staff on performance and established areas of training needs and or development. Quite often the staff would appraise themselves first and then discuss how they saw their performance against how their manager saw it. Usually we are more critical of ourselves than others and so found the self appraisals to be marked lower than that of the management. To demonstrate a 360 degree appraisal i.e. if you have a Sales Structure such as 18 sales people, 3 Sales Managers, 1 x Sales Director and a Managing Director. The sales managers will appraise their sales staff and their sales staff will appraise them. The best way to do this is to have a standard form with standard question that everyone answers, then the feedback from the sales managers to the sales staff is done by the sales manager but the feedback from the sales staff to the manager is done by an independent employee, maybe from the HR department, and it is better to give the upward feedback anonymously as you will find staff will be more honest if they feel it is being give anonymously. For the Sales Staff appraisals many companies are asking assistance from the sales staffs customers to do the upward appraisal, the results of which can be very valuable. Then in the scenario above the Sales Director Appraises his sales managers but also then has to appraise the MD. As this is a one to one relationship it obviously cannot be anonymous. This can cause issues if the MD does not take constructive criticism or the Sales Director is playing company politics and so does not do an honest appraisal. In this case you may be better doing a traditional appraisal. It is seen by the staff to be very negative if the board or directors want a 360 degree appraisal but do not want to be appraised themselves.


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