Company Induction Program

You need to have a very structured approach for new starters. Imagine your first day; you turn up 10 minutes early, very smart in your new suit. You ask for your new boss, who makes you wait 15 minutes; he shows you in to an empty desk and announces “you will be sitting here, we need to get you sorted, so spend today with Bill, he will show you the ropes.” Bill has not got much on today so makes up things to show you, like the systems, does a few calls and spends the rest of the day telling you how good he is. You go home, your partner says “What’s your new company like?,” What sort of answer would you expect? – “Well OK, not very organised or a lot worse.” Now if the same company had a structured induction programme, you would turn up, 10 minutes early as before, the receptionist would know you were coming and greet you “Good Morning John, welcome to ABC Ltd, we have been expecting you, the staff parking is over there and we have saved you a space 102.” Your new boss arrives on time to collect you, takes you into his office and then goes through the whole induction plan with you. The induction includes a building tour to ensure that new starter know where HR is, the Stationery cupboard, what people do for lunch, the loos, a company structure overview, overviews of each departments function by department heads, a full training programme including sales training, product & services training, IT & CRM training and field accompaniment with another salesman. He then shows you your desk which is fully set up with PC, Stationery, Business Cards, Emails Address, internal extension list, sign in & passwords to all systems and the whole induction programme added to the diary. You are introduced to your team colleagues and then shown where your first induction session is being held. Your two week induction is all mapped out with full details of where, when and by whom. If then after returning home at the end of day one, your partner says “what’s your new company like?“ I am sure the answer will be “fantastic, very organised, a great company – Do you want one of my business cards?” The induction should be regularly reviewed with the new starter and his boss to ensure he or she is getting and understanding the information required.


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