What Are The Top 5 Online Home Business Solutions?

1. Press Release News is and always will be relevant and tops the list of online home business solutions. Even the word ‘News' is considered a key word for copywriting because when people want to know something they're drawn to that word.

2. Website(s)

Having a website isn't a guaranteed solution unless it is the correct type of website and setup for your specific business purposes. An entrepreneur may have multiple sites all serving specific functions independently; or working together for one purpose.

Whether you own all of your online real estate, or setup sites on shared networks, if your business is done exclusively online think about your competition. The internet is similar to traditional business in regard to carving out a niche. The best way to compete with big business online is to multiply your small business presence.

3. Linking

Not just any link will do and they're not all equal. Firefox has a toolbar add on called ‘SEO Book.com' that actually lets you see the number and quality of links as well as the Google page rank for any website.

When it comes to links think popularity. The person who is most popular doesn't have to look for (outbound link) anyone because everyone comes to them (inbound link).

4. Ranking

Search engine ranking or SEO has become a business in and of itself. This home business solution takes time and effort. Some business owners take the time to learn and apply this practice which is why so many companies offer some type of SEO service to business owners who can't or won't take the time to figure it out.

5. Copywriting

From the headlines to the fine print every word must serve a purpose. This skill makes all the difference which is why professional copywriters command such high salaries.

Anticipating public reaction allows business owners to move one step closer. The headline captures interest; the description answers a need or solves a problem. Finally words help to close the sale by making the process easy and enjoyable.


You can inspire and motivate others by becoming a leader which is a far better goal for an entrepreneur. People are looking for inspiration and leadership in home business especially when it comes to learning how to succeed online.

I work with aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking to unravel the mystery of online business.

The mission of my Internet Marketing Company is to enable anyone with a desire to succeed online to overcome any technical obstac...

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