What Happens When We Help Others?

Compassion is the motivation of every great leader, from the mother with small children who need, well, everything, to the wealthy individual who builds hospitals. True compassion cannot be masked, because the inner drive, the heartfelt sentiment, of the compassionate person is clearly displayed in their expressions and mannerisms.

Who Are These People?

Compassionate people don't have to solicit people to help, they find them. The desire within them to alleviate suffering is like a radar. Everywhere they turn, people appear in varying degrees, like blips on a screen. Somehow the compassionate person understands what someone is struggling, or suffering through, even if they've never shared the experience. Their mission is all about bringing relief, all about resolution.

Suffering comes in many forms, some devastating in nature, others simply obstacles. However, to the one enduring a particular difficulty, going forward consumes every waking thought. This is true whether you have no food to eat, or a burst pipe in your basement. Whatever gets in our way in life, sucks us in.

Likewise, different organizations address similar needs, with specific agendas. This often makes it difficult to choose which charity best suits the need we want to address. The more transparent the organization, the easier this decision becomes. We tend to trust the groups closer to home, people we know, activities with which we can get involved.

How Can I Help?

When we consider the area of personal finances, the bigger question isn't who needs help. That group includes just about everyone on the planet. Nor is it a question of who wants help. Who doesn't want money?

The real question is how can I help?

When my neighbor needs help lifting or moving something they're incapable of lifting or moving physically, they show gratitude. Yet if I'm struggling to care for my family's financial needs, how can I possibly lift my neighbors burden as well? I can't give what I'm physically incapable of giving.

Unlimited Capacity

Fortunately, I have been helped recently in the area of finances. I've been given a gift, an opportunity to eliminate the burden that comes with financial difficulties. The reason had nothing to do with me, or my situation. The reason I received the gift was because someone else was compassionate enough to share it.

I am so moved by what someone did for my family, for my neighbors, for my community. Remember when I don't have the capacity to give, what I can give to my family, my neighbors and my community is limited. Immediately after receiving this gift, the equation between what I was capable of giving, and what I desired to give, shifted.

Knowing that it is within my ability to help others acquire financial independence and freedom from debt, motivates my compassion on a level I never before imagined. Where I was once able to move a pile of dirt for my neighbor, I'm now able to move a mountain.

What happens when you help others? They do the same.


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