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Where We Work

I have many friends from India that don't work from India. Some have family still living in India. Not all are US citizens, but regardless of what country they were born in or belong to, almost all of them travel to India regularly.

Listening to the critics, who blame the outsourcing of jobs overseas on corporations looking to save money, leaves me thinking about criticism and excuses.

Criticism usually flows from those who fear being criticized the most. Similarly, excuses are most abundant with those who lack the self confidence to determine their future.

International Business

Working at an office in India for an international business does little for their local economy. Unless that company establishes a more pronounced presence by building a manufacturing base, they've only affected a handful of people.

The same is true for residents who leave India or any other country to work and live somewhere more prosperous. Western countries are not a good example of what happens to communities that lose productive citizens.

Depressed urban areas and small towns that have little to offer can't keep the talented professionals from leaving for greener pastures. This is not the lesson to share with the engineers, doctors and business leaders that India is producing. Unless they continue to work and prosper in their own country nothing will improve for those that cannot leave.

Who Do You Work For?

While the ethics of taking a job from one person and giving it to another person simply because they'll do it for less money is questionable, the truth is that employers should be free to hire whom they please.

We can't say that international business is good without welcoming the entire scope of what that entails. An employee can make the excuse that they are subject to the will of an employer. The employee has no right to criticize the employer for who they hire, or from where.

The business owner always has the advantage in determining their own lifestyle. The ability to increase profits and expand personal wealth is limited only by their desire and creativity. An employee can always increase business profits, but their own wealth is subject to the employer's will.

The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur can work form India. They can work from virtually anywhere. Online business opportunities are quickly transforming the social norms around the world. People with the desire and courage to do so, are discovering the power to design their lifestyles regardless of where they live, or what they know.

Far from the world of criticism and excuse, a mindset is emerging that has thrown the concept of impossibility away. As more and more people discover the potential of owning an internet business, still others bear witness to the fact.

People who spend their lives working menial jobs in Topeka, Kansas have the same ambitions as people who work from India. Working for an employer has limitations regardless of where you work or live.

Ending the Cycle

Criticism is a cycle that must be broken. Consciously determine that the power to become prosperous requires that our fear of criticism must be laid to rest.

Whether we work for someone else, or work for ourselves, ultimately we're the only ones who need to hear our excuses. Write them down; recite them in front of a mirror. Once they've been acknowledged, recognize them as the reason for inactivity.

Entrepreneurs are people of intent. They roll with challenges and difficulties like a ship across the sea. They continue to move toward a destination regardless of what others think. Making excuses serves no purpose to their intended goal.

Work from Anywhere

I love where I live and I love working from home. Thanks to the internet I'm afforded this opportunity. If we travel to visit family, I continue to run my business. I have family in over a dozen states and two different countries so we travel a lot.

For the person who lives in India and desires to work from India, they should have that option. The internet business model has delivered to the international community the ability for people to achieve success from right where they are.

Giving people the opportunity to secure their future is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding aspects of running an international online business. People are discovering the life they deserve because the internet business opportunity keeps getting better.


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