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The most popular Franchises out there are Food Service businesses. From fast food, casual dining to upscale restaurants, most people looking for a business will almost always look at Food. Now food is a tough business (take it from someone who has been in the business). Long hours, high employee turnover, recession, competition are some of the factors that make the Food business tough, and are some of the factors why Food industry has a high rate of failure. Having said all that, I want to introduce you to a company that does not deal with most of these problems, and is in an Industry that is virtually recession proof and provides a service that every family in the United States and really the world needs and uses. The name of the Franchise is Crystal Rose and they are a wedding and special event center that offers exciting celebration at a great value. As you are reading this blog, think about how many weddings you go to through a course of a year, or what you had to go through planing your wedding or a wedding of your loved one's. Here are just a few stats about the Wedding Industry:

* 2.4 Million weddings take place in the U.S. each year

* The average American Couple spends over $25,000 on their nuptials

* There are over 44,000 weddings per week in U.S. alone

* Weddings are part of every culture

* Weddings are not a fad and an Industry that consistently grows.

Crystal Rose Franchise is not just about weddings. They also host Bar/Bat Mitzvas, Sweet Sixteens, Corporate parties, Fund Raisers, Proms, Casino Parties....the list is endless.

Here are the best part of this business:

* No need to work 7 days a week for 12 + hours a day

* Easy to manage food and labor costs, since you know in advance what parties are booked and when

* Opportunity to own Real Estate

* Opportunity to own a Liquor License

* Multiple Income Streams

* Fun and Exciting Business to Operate

* Provide a great service to your community

* NO Experience Necessary

Crystal Rose has been operating in Golden Colorado since 1987 and currently have 4 Corporate locations. Their Franchisees benefit from 20+ years of experience and if you ever have a chance to speak to Jay Byerly (Founder), you will hear the passion and knowledge in his voice.

Here is the bottom line: Regardless of the economic times, Weddings still go on, so when considering a business, take a close look at this Crystal Rose.


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