How To Find The Best Wholesale Drop-Shipper For Your Internet Business

If you are thinking about starting an online store you will most likely need to find a wholesale drop-shipper unless you are selling your own products.

However, before jumping at the first wholesaler you find, you should tread carefully and be aware that numerous wholesalers fail to deliver when you need them most. The reputation of Internet marketing wholesale dropshippers has suffered because it is a sad fact that some companies cheat on their customers. Added to this is the fact that the inventory you order from these wholesalers may not come at a great discount to retail. Even worse, you may find that the goods you have bought do not sell well on the Internet. So before you enter into the Internet retail business, here are some tips you may find helpful.

The first thing you need to do is to research your intended target market. You need to know if the product that interests you will be considered equally interesting by your niche market. A particular product may sell well under one banner, but not necessarily under your banner! It would be an utter waste of time to search for a reliable drop-shipper only to find out that the product you want to sell is inappropriate for in your chosen niche.

Note that I have mentioned "niche markets" in this article. That is because it is more viable for you to build a dominant position in a closely defined niche market that will buy your particular product than to try and enter the mass market where you will have to struggle with some very tough competition.

Once you has ascertained your niche market, then the second step is to go and look for appropriate products. Too many people who are new to marketing get this order wrong, putting steps one and two the other way around. Avoid the trap of falling in love with a product and then searching desperately for a market. Find your market and then find something to sell to it.

Moving on, the third step is to establish which is the best wholesale drop-shipper for your market and your particular circumstances. You can look up lists of suppliers in numerous indexes and search engines, but searching online for "wholesale drop-shippers" may not be the best idea. Such a search will not necessarily lead you towards the most reliable suppliers. I must emphasize again the need for caution when you are in uncharted waters on the Internet. You can certainly find plenty of wholesalers from online directories and through sourcing agents, but keep in mind that you should never to pay in advance unless you have some evidence of trustworthiness.

Patience is the key virtue you need to exercise when seeking the right wholesaler. Look before you leap, and look again. Avoid snapping up the first seemingly good deal that is presented to you. Also, do not expect the best wholesalers to be the cheapest. Sometimes, wholesalers to provide unrealistically low prices as bait. If you find a wholesale site that appears to be offering unusually low prices then you need to conduct thorough research first before you consent to doing business. If you cannot be certain of the legitimacy of an offer, avoid doing business altogether. Remember, there are legitimate drop-shippers out there, you owe it to yourself to avoid the dodgy ones!

Author:. David Hurley an Internet marketer based in Hiroshima, Japan. David runs a weekly newsletter and online business blog at which focusses on the home-based Internet affiliate marketing niche.
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