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Best in Class SEO includes creating individual and custom Meta Elements, or Meta tags, this SEO tip talks about Title Tags. Your title tags on your webpage is must always be creative and contain the proper keywords, length and density if you are to get as many of your websites pages of your website ranked high or #1 in major search engines like Google®, AOL®, Bing®, and Yahoo®. You never want to replicate the same title again and again for similar pages because a search engine spider will recognize it as duplicate content even if the content is a bit different. Search engine spiders are not human and can therefore make the mistake of perceiving repeated titles as replicated pages: this can lower your search engine ranking significantly because it will appear as if you are trying to spam the major search engine via black hat search engine optimization methods. If the major search engine detects that you are trying to spam or scam the spiders, certain web pages from your website might be banned from indexing altogether.

That is why it is imperative that you use your imagination to create impressive appealing titles for every single webpage even when web pages are somewhat similar in terms of the content that they contain. Put a new spin on an old title or swap around the title and reword it to make it clear to search engine spiders that every webpage you create is absolutely distinct.

For additional information on meta tags see the page on GetMeOnTop SEO. For additional information on meta tags see the page on GetMeOnTop SEO.


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