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Today's free SEO tip relates to one of today's most popular aspects of the Internet, Web 2.0. Web two dots 0 symbolize the arrival of interactive and communal ways of doing things in the net. From IRC chat channels, and free forums, social networking and Twitter, web 2.0 has changed how we view the internet with the introduction of a bigger community. Now we have a social element in everything that we do. To take advantage of these here are 5 free SEO tips for better search ranking with social media.

1) Consider company blogging. These blogs can announce your product offerings, discounts, and other perks. You can incite people to comment on your articles and spark discussion. Google loves blogs, it produces what their search engine spiders determine as new and relative content, content that is refreshed frequently.

2) Use Wikis. Wikis are easily edited spaces to talk about your website or product. There are lots of Free Wikis software available today; here are a few WetPaint, PBwiki, Wikidot. If none of the preceding fit your needs, just Google Free Wiki for Websites.

3) Google seems to like blogs, so you can expect to have a better search engine ranking if you have an interesting and a regularly updated blog.

4) Interactive elements like Java, Flash and Ajax are not friendly to search engine spiders. Keep your codes clean to make your page faster and improve search indexing.

5) Submit your site to relevant social news aggregators.


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