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When it comes to putting images on your website, you will need to be very careful if you want your pages search engine optimized and to be #1 Google search. You can't just put an image up and not apply appropriate tags and descriptors to the image and expect to get top search engine rankings. The best SEO tips will tell you that search engine spiders are only capable of comprehending text, not pictures. Nevertheless, you can apple SEO techniques that combine text and imagery so you get the best possible search engine rankings.

Here's one of many helpful SEO tips for beginners: use keywords to provide a title for every image you use on your website. This title for the image is then placed in the ALT tag, or Alternative Tag, which search engine spiders and web crawlers will read when scanning your optimized web pages. For example, let's say you have a site selling website content. You may post and image of a pair of great looking wool socks by using an image source code and the ALT tag; you can use a code like the following

Make it a standard practice to always make use of the Alternate text tag for all images that you put up on every web page of your website. You will not only make the page easier for the search engine spiders to list and rank your page and website, you will also make the website one that is more accessible to someone that has visual impairments and to people that rely on text readers to view your web pages too. In contrast, bear in mind that search engine spiders do recognize when an ALT tag is being abused and it can hurt your rankings if you attempt to stuff the ALT tags with a bunch of keywords. Remember to use moderation when choosing keywords, even in ALT tag descriptions.

Now, to further intensify the power of your web pages SEO, you will also want to add some descriptive text nearby your image. The more descriptive you are, the better. Never add an image without descriptive text and Alt tag as this minimizes the search engines web crawlers and spider's ability to understand what it is scanning.

To be #1 Google, follow all the SEO tips posted here on GetMeOnTop, remember, webmasters and websites that adhere to all or most of the SEO Tips and standards will have the best chance of obtaining rankings for #1 in Google, on Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines.


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