••••••>GetMeOnTop SEO Website Surpasses Facebook, Microsoft, Fortune and Hotjobs. Google just 1 point higher!

Hubspot's new Website Grader tool has now graded over 3 Million websites. Grades run form 0 to 100. A website grade of 96/100 means that of the 3+ millions of websites that WebSite Grader has previously evaluated, thier algorithm has calculated that GetMeOnTop, Google #1 SEO Company website scored higher than 96% of all of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The Hubspot algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, Alexa ranking, pages inexed, Google's last crawl date, inbound links, Twitter ranking and tweets, Moz rank, Delicio.us Bookmarks and others. Reports run for the following sites on November 8, 2010 reveal that GetMeOnTop SEO and Marketing comopany's website Microsoft.com has a Website Grade ranking of 90 Facebook.com has a Website Grade ranking of 95 Hotjobs.com has a Website Grade ranking of 95 GetMeOnTop has a Website Grade of 96 Google has a Website Grade ranking of 97 Being sure that your website i s fully optimized, has new and updated content, respected websites links to it you too can be on the way to ultra high ranking and being #1 in Google! For more statistics, reviews and testimonials for GetMeOnTop and to see how we are ranked Google #1 SEO Company, visit our Ranking, Review and Testimonials page or contact us today!


••••••> David S. Josephson is the CEO of GetMeOnTop http://www.GetMeOnTop.com, NY #1 SEO Company. Specializing in all forms of Web Marketing, Search Engineering, Pay Per Click Consulting and Management, SEO, Search Engine Optimization and Web Development. GetMeOnTop has been in business for 15 years with David being CEO. Get Me On Top has offices on Wall Street in Manhattan (...

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