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Best of breed SEO incorporates Style tags, or H-tags, they are used for defining the typography of a website pages. Like Microsoft Word documents, header styles outline the content and keep articles organized. These tags set the categories, title, subtitle, and subheading of an article, helping search engine spiders rank a website. Since they are mostly writer as general topic titles, search engines place a high value on them, giving your web site higher rankings.

Here are some tips in using style tags for boosting your Google, Yahoo and other search engine placement and SEO.

1) Organize your website's content first. Know what your main categories are and differentiate them from sub categories.

2) Use H1 tags for categories, H2 tags for sub categories, H3 tags for article titles, and H4 tags for sub-headers. H tags work very well to boost your websites ranking and are a mandated SEO technique.

3) Keep the headers short. These should be treated as “words of emphasis” in your article. Sub-headers should also tell me what to expect to read in the next paragraph.

4) Divide the article with sub-headers every 200-300 words.

5) Place high ranking keywords in sub-headers, then use the same high ranking keywords in the next paragraph.


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