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Your website content must be highly readable, make sense to your users and readers and have a "call to action" so that browsers on your site will make contact if it is to be ranked highly on the major search engines like Google®, Bing®, AOL®, and Yahoo®. You will want to be sure that you have clear content in a logical order with keywords that attract your audience. As you are trying to attract the attention of both the web browser (users) and the Search Engines Spiders, you will want to check the readability level of the text and content too. If the text is too wordy, there are misspellings, or the webpage is too long, it may not be ranked the way a Webmaster would like it to be ranked in a search engine. Keep in mind that your content should include at approximately 500 words and that most search engine spiders will weight your ranking more heavily for the first 500 words of your website content. You will want to keep your web content at a readability level that will appeal to your target audience: in other words, if your site is for pre-teens you do not want the content to be at a level 14 grade reading level otherwise your web visitors will lose interest fast. Use readability checkers to test the readability level of your website for the best content presentation possible.

Website readability should also includes clean code on the site, and you will want to take advantage of some of the html validator services offered on the web to make sure that computer coding language use is correct. Keeping your website content, articles, and site navigation as simple and as fluid as possible, with excellent spelling, and great coding can ensure the best (SEO) search engine optimization possible and assist in obtaining top search engine rankings, even ranking #1 on Google like GetMeOnTop does, see for yourself #1 on Google NY (out of 294 Million results).


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