Outsourcing and the Decision

Today, outsourcing is more common than it ever has been. Large consumer corporations are outsourcing to other countries, such as India, in an effort to lower costs and make a larger profit. In fact, if you called your telephone company right now to report a problem, chances are, you would be complaining to someone in a completely different company who gets paid just to handle telephone calls like these. So, what does this mean for corporations, companies and businesses like yours?

Outsourcing can be extremely beneficial. Should you happen to need a website designed or a newsletter written, you can outsource to individuals who are proficient in the skill at a much smaller rate than you would pay to have a staff writer or a staff designer. The reason is because when you outsource things to people who will do the work for less, you pay them per job rather than a salary. You don't have to retain their work so it is much cheaper. Lower cost for goods or services also translates to higher profits and more money to invest into other areas of your company. The work you can get from outsourcing is amazing and ridiculously low if you find the right people to outsource to. For an example, just for copywriting work, you can outsource to freelancers or foreigners who do amazing work but charge a fraction of what a staff writer would charge.

So, how do you know if it's time for you to outsource? With any company, when you start getting backed up or the needs of consumers are outweighing your resources, it may be time to outsource. When you can outsource a job and pay less than hiring employees and retaining them on staff in order to do the job, you will benefit. As long as the job is being done to satisfaction, outsourcing is a great thing. Making the decision to outsource can take a load off of your shoulders and allows you to free up more of your time and money to place into other areas of your company. This is a prescription for company and business growth, health and will help your company thrive. If you have never considered outsourcing, now is the best time. This is why companies all over the US and other places are taking advantage of this growing trend and spending less in order to get more. Learn what you can about outsourcing and make your company stronger for it.


David Liddell, president and founder of SKYE Business Solutions, is an insightful and trusted advisor to organizations  interested in improving their performance and results. Based on more than 20 years of experience in organizational and business development, he objectively evaluates organizations and their employees to identify opportunities for increased efficiencies and productivity. Recognizing that employees play a key role in a company's performance, David utilizes his analysis to cr...

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