How To Get Ideas For Articles

Article marketing, or bum marketing as it is sometimes called, is a form of web promotion which involves writing a ton of articles. Out of all the hyped up web marketing techniques, I think this is one of few techniques that can actually work. Of course, there is more to it than just writing a ton of articles, but this is where most people hit a brick wall. They just can't think of how they can write so many articles on one single solitary subject. Well, help is at hand... Write On Related Topics

You don't always have to write on the same old tired topic. If you can think of a related topic that your readers would be interested in or find relevant, by all means, write articles about it. For example, let's say you are selling chairs. A related topic might be proper sitting posture, or perhaps even the human backbone. Who knows? You might even be able to branch out into a completely different field, like medication for back pain.

Lists, Lists, And More Lists

Make a list of something. The list can be about anything like a list of advantages of your product, places where your product can be used, or even reasons why one should not use your product. Write a short paragraph for each item on your list. Your list can basically be an article. And if your list is too long, split them into smaller lists, and make each of the smaller lists into an article.

Different Viewpoints

You can write an article that is specifically targeted at single women who have never been married. You can write another article, with the same message, but with examples directed at divorced single women with kids. The tone, style and language of each article will be tailored for the specific demographic, although the message conveyed is the same. In this way, you can easily have quite a few different articles based on a single article.

If You Run Out Of Ideas...

If you keep writing, you may run out of ideas for new articles. It is quite unlikely as there are numerous permutations and combinations of articles that you can write about on any given topic and you would probably not have time to exhaust them all. But if you run out of ideas, do a web search on your topic. I'm sure that after a few searches, you will get lots more ideas, much more than you would ever have time to peruse.


Whatever your reason for writing articles online, the ability to come up with many different angles or slants on a single topic is a skill well worth acquiring. Even if you are not really into article marketing, there will be demands made that the article you submit has not been published elsewhere. And you will need to come up with a unique slant to an already written article.


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