What do you want from your work?

What do you want from your work?

If I said to you, 'What do you want - really want - out of your job?' I wonder what the answer would be?Is it money? Advancement? Career opportunities? - All good answers, but here's the thing: are those things a fruit or a root? Are they a driving cause or are they a useful outcome?

I honestly believe that if these answers are a reason - a root cause - for you and I doing the job we do, then you will never find fulfilment in our work. We might be committed to it, work exceptionally hard, and sacrifice just about everything, including our family life and our health, to it. But we will still feel like we've never quite made it.

Often the things we want out of work - more pay, promotion, opportunities - are actually the fruit of working well. And I've usually found that when people work well it's not because they're motivated by their pay or their career - it's because they are doing something they love to do.

If you're tired of working in a job that you've begun to hate, then perhaps its time you looked to use your gifts, talents and abilities that are locked up inside and start doing something you love to do.Marion Wright Edeleman said service is the rent for being it is the reason for existence. Dickens said no-one is useless in this life who lightens the load of it for another. And the scripture say whatever you do, do it with your whole hear as serving the Lord knowing it is from Him you will receive your reward.

Sometimes just changing our motivation is all the change we need because when we find the right reasons to do the job we do, we'll rediscover our passion for the job as well.


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