Amsterdam-The Venice of the North

The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is also the country’s most populated city. In terms of number, the city has a round-off population of 800,000 in the city premises. All through the year, a variety of events take place, with flights to Amsterdam coming from across the globe. The number of international tourists per year reaches nearly 4.6 million!

It is a province of North Holland, with the Amstel River flowing right through the city’s heart, and connecting it to terminal point of the city, at IJ bay, formerly known as Zuider Zee.

Amsterdam is covered under nearly a 100 km of canals, with its main ones being Singel, Prinsen and Keizers. In the early times, Singel was a moat, which surrounded this city, giving it its prominent horse-shoe shape. The canals now intersect a number of short waterways, splitting up the city into around 90 small islands, linked by more than a 1000 bridges. For this reason, the city is often called “the Venice of the North.”

As air flights move above the city, one observes that along the canals and waterways, the ancient parts of the town radiate their medieval architecture, of steep, gabled houses and merchant princes. These have been converted to industrial warehouses and storage centers.

When talking about the landscape, the city is settled on a flat and low sea-level premise. Many of the land portions, in fact, have been obtained after the water level from lakes and marshes receded from these below-sea level areas. Its radial area is 219sq.kms.

The natural reserves, forestry and tree plantations accumulate about 12% of the city’s area. Amsterdam has maintained beautifully landscaped parks, zoological areas and even botanical gardens.

The city’s oldest part called De Wallen lies east of Denmark, and is most renowned for Amsterdam’s red light district. The oldest building in the city can be found at the center of Wallen, called Oude Kerk, or Old church. Places around the urban area are polders, identified with the suffix “meer” added to their names, such as Watergraafsmeer and Aalsmeer.

The city is also known for its culture and educational institutes such as the University of Amsterdam, for higher studies. For foreign students, cheap tickets to Amsterdam, affordable accommodations and many student-discounts are provided, allowing them to make the best of what they have.

The architecture is influenced by the French culture and Gothic styles. For some of the part of the city that were developed in a much later era, the buildings built have weird shapes overall and also in terms of their doors and windows.

Then, the city is a massive hub for numerous manufacturing industries, which makes it important for the country’s finances. While organizing meetings and events related to work, cheap flight deals will help you keep check on your pocket and simultaneously have a fruitful trip.


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