Sao Paulo: The Very High-Spirited City Of Brazil

Undisputedly, the most effervescent of the Brazilian cities, São Paulo has gained international acclaim as a popular holiday hotspot. Holiday makers are eager to visit and enjoy the incredible tourist attractions the place has. It is best to make the most of the last minute flights and the flight deals as they offer huge airline discount on airline prices-just book them in advance to avoid disappointment. Various travel websites such as Fare Buzz offer all details of flights to São Paulo from the major cities of the world- so search carefully and grab the cheap tickets to São Paulo.

Culture of the City

A completely cosmopolitan city, it is home to the so called Erudite Brazilian culture. However, you will find influence of Iberian and European culture in São Paulo. Another trace of culture that you will find in São Paulo is the Caipira culture- though it is mostly felt in the countryside. Caipira food too has gained popularity and you will love their barbecued beef steaks and the friend lamb chops. Besides food, you will love to enjoy its Museums especially the Museu de Arte Sacra, Museu Paulista and the Museu de Arte de São Paulo - which is an amazing collection of European sculpture and painting. The city is also home to the popular Brazilian Modern Art Week- organized by famous artists and poets. The extremely talented classical opera composer Carlos Gomes was born here.

Change Your Currency to the Local One

The Brazilian currency is called Real- abbreviated as $R and approximately $1 is equivalent to $R.1.6 and this is what is used in São Paulo. You have ATM counters located conveniently across the city; however, plastic money is widely used. All major credit cards are accepted, so you can use your Visa, Master card and Maestro card. You can also withdraw money from any of the ATM.

Travel Tips to help You in the Brazilian City

Portuguese remains the official language of the place, though there is difference in accent. English is widely understood as well. You will require a valid Visa to enter the country. The case is different with those from the Mercosul countries. It would be a good help if you can learn some short Portuguese phrases like hola (thank you) and por favor ( please) that will help you communicate better. You will also need some vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, Malaria, Measles, Typhoid and Tetanus.

Getting In and Getting Around in the City

There are regular cheap flights to São Paulo GRU International Airport. From the airport you can avail rental cars and buses that will take you to the city center- the distance is about 40 kilometers.

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