Why You Need To Learn Attraction Marketing

Im going to start by saying that if you are wanting to get going in internet marketing industry you are undoubltebly going to want to get your hands on a copy of Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring and if you dont have a copy you might want to go out and get one pronto!

Read it and read it until you become very familiar with the principles it teaches .

The idea is not to try and convince people to come and join your biz op this strategy is unprofessional and offers you no leverage whatsoever.

When you get started in this industry you will need to have aquired a higher skill set frankly than only one in 97 % of people possess.You will also need a high level of self disipline.

You will need to set and focus on clearly defined goals and hold yourself accountable .

The most important trait you will need is to have a belief in yourself and your own ability.These skills must be developed and practiced.

What is attraction marketing ?Its about leveraging the natural responses that people have to those they believe to have a higher skill set than themselves.

Being drawn to these people is a natural response.

Today characteristics of leaders are self confidence,decisevness,focus and intelligence or those that have money power or beauty.

The most criitical concept you need to embrace is that you are attracting people to you not to your business or product.

People join people not businesses.

The point where everything begins is your belief in your own ability.You will also need to understand human buying behaviour.What makes us love one video and not give the next one 2 seconds.You will also need to become skilled at marketing and publishing .Understanding these attraction marketing principles will hold you in good stead for your business future.


Deanna Hibbs was a fulltime working mum ,who after looking for an alternative to 9-5 came accross the world of Internet Marketing,She now works from home and is teaching others her success formula to make their own lifestyle choices.

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