Tapping Into Real Estate Agents for Home Party Plan Sales

Create A Gift Services Using Your Home Party Plan Products

As a direct sales - home party consultant, you are constantly searching for new ways to advertise and promote your product line. Without a good marketing strategy, your business will wither and die. Though tried and true marketing methods work, it never hurts to look for new ideas. Creative marketing may give you a leg up on the competition!

Searching for a new marketing idea? Have you ever thought of using real estate agents to market your products? If not, you may want to try this often-untapped marketing venue. Real estate agents are in the direct sales business and they match up well with home party plan entrepreneurs.

How To Use the Real Estate Market to Sell Party Plan Products

  • Distribute business cards and flyers to apartment complex rental offices.
  • Distribute business cards and flyers to condominium or new home sales offices.
  • Team up with local real estate agents to distribute your business cards and flyers to new home buyers.
Most people who are moving into a new residence, whether they are renting, leasing or purchasing, are looking to buy items for their new place. Getting your flyers and business cards into the hands of people who are ready to buy can give your business a big boost!

You should also learn more about advertising on real estate websites. Many agents have their own little corner of the web, and may be open to working out a deal that will benefit both of you. It is a form of advertising that is often overlooked and underused; you will be one step ahead of the competition!

When tapping into the large pool of real estate agents in your area, you can offer free or discounted gifts to home buyers. These gifts should be something of value and should also help promote your business. The ultimate goal is to develop a new supply of potential bookings. Using real estate agents in different areas of your city or town will open up new neighborhoods and a vast supply of potential new bookings and customers.

You may have to spice up your agreement with the real estate agents by offering them some percentage of sales, or they may prefer a typical pay for advertising arrangement. The first step is to start speaking with agents in your area. The real estate market is a rich, but under utilized source of new bookings and customers for home party plan businesses.


Deb Bixler is a Direct Sales - Home Party Plan Educator and trainer.

Deb is the Direct Selling Women's Alliance 2011 Speaker of the year and is recognized globally as one of the most influential professionals in the direct sales industry.

Invite Deb to present a direct sales seminar for your sales team or utilize the many free services at the party plan training center.

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