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Momentum Presentation Produces Development

The following is a remarkable team-building exercise for network marketing sales presentation training that shows the importance of creating momentum in team-building for increased development.

Most people know that momentum will keep you going in the track you want and also make things easier. Achieving a incentive goal is more efficient when you attain momentum. This home business sales meeting activity will demonstrate explain the importance of momentum in your team-building principles so that you achieve more team growth with less effort.

This team-building demonstration will help you show your sales force the energy of momentum. A team operating together will achieve more as a group as you all operate with a strategy or set of principles to create momentum.

Growth In Sales Presentation

  • For this team-building activity you will need 4 two-liter bottles, two pitchers or bowls that hold 2 liters of liquid or a drain.
  • Use the momentum team-building presentation at your next sales organization meeting:
  • Take four (2L) soda bottles filled with water.
  • Pick two team members and time them in a competition to pour out all water in two of the bottles as quickly as possible.
  • Afterwards discuss ways to increase the speed of emptying the bottle.
  • Then with the two remaining bottles, have another consultant pour against you. Your volunteer can try out the best idea that was created by their team.
  • Before you start pouring your bottle, first rapidly swirl the liquid in your bottle and you will find that with MOMENTUM, your bottle will pour the liquid out twice as fast as the one without momentum.

Presentation Demonstration Follow-Up

After this activity with a talk on creating momentum in other areas of their home business. Systems that create momentum in a business will boost sales with less effort after the plan or momentum has been put into place. Have different consultants of your team discuss their notion on why your strategy worked more effectively. Follow that with a round-table discussion on various best-business-practices that will improve momentum in their marketing business. There are various strategies that when incorporated into a MLM business will boost momentum and result in a simpler more effective business.

  • Create a host coaching technique to generate more sales momentum.
  • The plan of achieving more yeses will give a rep momentum that provides more bookings.
  • Use a technique to do recruiting interviews and you will bring on more recruits.
  • A plan of presenting your sales pitch will create a smooth momentum that makes everything easier and returns more sales.

All businesses operate on systems or best-business-practices and a WAHM business should be no different. People never fail, only systems fail. If you are not getting the results from your sales business that you want, then look for some new systems.

Present this team program at your next home party business training to get team momentum going. When your team starts to use proven techniquesinto their direct sales business they will begin to generate more momentum to provide a consistent income in their home party business. The momentum of implementing a series of systems in any business will create an effective business that rolls along with less effort. Momentum is a magnificent thing!


Deb Bixler is a Direct Sales - Home Party Plan Educator and trainer.

Deb is the Direct Selling Women's Alliance 2011 Speaker of the year and is recognized globally as one of the most influential professionals in the direct sales industry.

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