Just Say No!

If you are looking for a quick fix to finding balance, you might find it in one simple word. That simply word is NO! In my opinion, this is by far, the most important word to finding the road to balance. NO is a simple two letter word that is so easy to say to your kids, but so difficult to say to anyone else. Simply remember that “no” is “on” spelled backwards. And you don’t always have to be on. In fact, the courage to say no will give you strength and renewed energy to feel on. And more importantly, saying no will free you to say yes when yes is truly your heart’s desire. Trust your intuition and say no if saying yes stems from an innate sense of guilt or obligation.

If you take the time to ask yourself some questions before you respond to a request, you might in fact be adding to your life balance. Is the request being made realistic or necessary? Do you need to take on the additional responsibility? Is this something that you want to do? Do you really want/need this client? Can you really make the deadline imposed?

Instead of overdosing on all the choices and options you have to in terms of how you spend your time, single out the things that you truly need and want to do. Quit cluttering your life with stuff that doesn’t count for much. Don’t worry about what someone else will think of you if you say no. Only you know what saying yes too hastily may do to your life.

In a world that confronts us with so much complexity, seek simplicity. Just say no!


Debbie Lessin is a woman of many identities. She is an author (Life is a Balancing Act...a fun book), speaker and entrepreneur for over 23 years as the owner of D J Lessin & Associates, a Chicago CPA firm and Balancing Act Productions, the creative endeavor she founded in 1997. Debbie has always described herself as having the brains of an accountant and the soul of an artist. Debbie began her quest for balance in 1994 - the year she turned 40 and her business celebrated 10 years of entrepre...

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