Make Time for Balance

It is usually the simple pleasures that bring us the most joy. Yet how often must we remind ourselves to stop and enjoy the moment, to take time to relish that which brings us joy. It is too easy in all of our busy lives to try to finish the endless to-do list, to rush onto the next chore and forget to take a deep breath or enjoy our accomplishments.

We need to remember to enjoy the little things in live for one day we may look back and realized they were in fact the big things. The reality is that in order to achieve some balance in your life you are going to have to work at it. It isn’t just going to happen.

Balance sometimes must be scheduled and become a part of your routine. Balance is a habit and habits aren’t formed quickly. Don’t worry if you feel that it is just another chore. At first, it might seem that way. But soon it will become time that you cherish and look forward to. You will thank yourself for having made plans.

The reality is that if you don’t plan time for balance, it just won’t happen. Sometimes your plans will be canceled because of an unexpected work assignment or last minute responsibility or crisis.

Like any other planned activity, business or social, this is to be expected. Simply take out your calendar or your palm pilot/blackberry and make new plans.

You need to plan time for yourself. You need to time to rejuvenate, to center yourself and escape from the pressures and stresses of everyday life. You should plan and prioritize your time for balance in the same way that you plan and prioritize an ordinary business meeting.

And sometimes spontaneous fun things might even just happen. Think of how happy, surprised and balanced you can and will be. You’ll never know until you try…now will you?

Adding balance to your life will be a lot easier if someone is covering your back, supporting you in your endeavors and making you feel good about what you are doing. Simply put, find a balance buddy who will encourage you in your mission. Then establish a framework for systematic accountability. And be sure to acknowledge each other’s successes. You may find that you have more different balance buddy for different areas of your life. And how great is that!


Debbie Lessin is a woman of many identities. She is an author (Life is a Balancing Act...a fun book), speaker and entrepreneur for over 23 years as the owner of D J Lessin & Associates, a Chicago CPA firm and Balancing Act Productions, the creative endeavor she founded in 1997. Debbie has always described herself as having the brains of an accountant and the soul of an artist. Debbie began her quest for balance in 1994 - the year she turned 40 and her business celebrated 10 years of entrepre...

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