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What really is balance? Balance is… that which gives you peace of mind, calmness, a feeling of serenity. It is different for each and every one of us, differing with marital status, parental status and particularly gender. It is also different depending on where in your entrepreneurial business cycle you are at.

A balanced person is likely to be a healthier, happier human. But balance is always changing as our lives and goals change over time. Balance is a step by step process. Achieving balance is not an easy task by any means. Oftentimes, it may seem to be an elusive goal. You need focus. You have so little time and so much to do. You can’t do everything. You need discipline. You need to choose which relationships or obligations are most important to you. And you need commitment - commitment to make progress towards what is important in your life.

Achieving balance is a step by step process. And baby steps at that. The Japanese call it “Kai-Zen” – taking tiny steps. By the time that you recognize that you are out of balance and want to attempt to do something about it you may be so overwhelmed that each step seems to be gigantic and beyond reality. Take a deep breath…and take it one step at a time.

Think of one simple thing that would bring you an easy, satisfied sense of equilibrium. It could be something as simple as taking a half hour before bed to escape into the latest fiction novel or soaking in a warm bubble bath. Choose it and then attempt to integrate it into your life. Own it and it will become yours. Then be sure that you do not take it away from yourself as time moves on. Instead, as your confidence increases, add the next thing that will create peace of mind, a sense of self or well being. Keep doing it again and again, year after year, recognizing that balance is an ongoing necessity of life.

And as your life changes, so will that which brings you balance. Look at your life in terms of seasons or cycles. What brings you balance today may not be the same thing that brings you balance in six weeks , six months and clearly not in six years. Balance for a start-up entrepreneur will not be the same for the seasoned entrepreneur. Balance when you have young children will not be the same as when your children have flown the coup and are off living their own lives. Look at your life as the wealth of opportunities that it truly is. You can have it all if you look at it this way. You just may not be able to have it all at the same time. That in fact may actually be a good thing!

Mostly you need to remember. That balance is what you give to yourself…even if it is one step at a time!


Debbie Lessin is a woman of many identities. She is an author (Life is a Balancing Act...a fun book), speaker and entrepreneur for over 23 years as the owner of D J Lessin & Associates, a Chicago CPA firm and Balancing Act Productions, the creative endeavor she founded in 1997. Debbie has always described herself as having the brains of an accountant and the soul of an artist. Debbie began her quest for balance in 1994 - the year she turned 40 and her business celebrated 10 years of entrepre...

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