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Get Inspired From Others Success We just had some incredible examples of massive success in our company this month....income records being shattered and the bar of success being raised. This is such an pivotal moment of celebration for everyone in the company....not just the individuals achieving the result. It provides evidence to other people what is possible.

Evidence - when one person raises the bar, they demonstrate by their example what is possible.

We see this in business, sports, all walks of life....people achieving what no one before them had. People raising the bar, pushing the limits, thinking outside of the box of what is possible, and then going after it, taking action and achieving it.

Why is this important? Because there are so many different examples of greatness, and when one person does the so called "impossible", it brings a new awareness to the observers.....the observers then have new hope of what is possible for them, and once again, the butterfly effect person's example of greatness becomes the inspiration for others to grow into their greatness....and the bar of success keeps going up!

Wow, I love being a witness to others people greatness.......people living into their full human potential! Ask yourself, what am I truly capable of, what potential do I have that I am holding back on....what is really possible for my life? Every individual has greatness within them waiting to be is our personal responsibility to live into our full raise the bar in our own lives....knowing that we all have the power to be the example that changes other people's lives.


I've been an entrepreneur and trainer  since 1986.   I teach people how to THINK like an entrepreneur, how to ACT like an entrepreneur, and most importantly, how to get RESULTS like an entrepreneur. My passion is in personal development because I understand and know how much lives are transformed when people learn how to get past their limiting beliefs, their fears and their past conditioning. Debbie Ruston http://www.TheS...

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