Accountability Partnerships Series Conclusion

Through reading this article series on accountability partners, I hope you've got some great ideas about how accountability partnerships can enhance your online business.

Whether you're just starting your web-based journey or you've been online for years, accountability partners truly are one of the best investments of your time. It's like having your own million-dollar mastermind group without investing the seven figures!

Creating an accountability partnership not only gives you the opportunity to get help in the areas you need support, it also lets you apply your knowledge and wisdom to someone else's business, helping them reach new levels of success. You may find you like coaching others and may therefore add this skill as a revenue stream in your business. Many an online coach started by helping just one other person, and then leveraged that experience into a profitable income stream. Don't be surprised if that happens to you!

Regardless of what type of accountability program you form, you can definitely grow your business quickly when surrounded with others who are committed to helping you succeed.

Accountability partnerships are, after all, powerful things.

Your Partner in Success,

Denise Griffitts

Titles of the Accountability Partnership Series

  • 1. Accountability Partners For Internet Marketers
  • 2. Setting up An Accountability Partnership
  • 3. Live and In Person: Setting up an "IRL" Accountability Partner
  • 4. Virtual Accountability Partners
  • 5. Mentoring Partnerships
  • 6. The More the Merrier? Partners versus Groups
  • 7. Five Tips for Great Accountability Partnerships
  • 8. Trouble-shooting Your Accountability Partners
  • 9. Online Resources For Accountability Partners
  • 10.Next Steps In Your Accountability Partnership
  • 11.Conclusion


Denise Griffitts is a nationally recognized Virtual Assistance Industry expert, thought leader, VA coach and mentor. She is also a Web Developer and serial online entrepreneur who believes that any person with the knowledge, skills, ideas, drive and the ability to mobilize resources can create a high impact business.

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