Macworld Expo should change venues, dates in the future

It's probably a good thing that Macworld Expo 2010 is moving from January to February. With Apple not attending, however, it won't be the same show as before. And I think IDG, the folks behind the event, should consider more changes in the future, including a change of venue.

One good thing about the date change of the Macworld Expo is that it will no longer bump heads with the Consumer Electronics Show. And including a Saturday in the schedule is a wise move, as it will allow San Francisco residents and workers to attend without playing hookie from work or school.

It should hopefully make the event a bit more affordable. The middle of February is generally an off-season, so travel and hotel rates should be a little less expensive.

But I think IDG should consider taking the show on the road, having it in different cities each year. Macworld San Diego, Macworld Chicago, Macworld Dallas, etc. Spread the love.

In fact, let's move the date to summer. As one vendor (who wanted to remain anonymous) told me: "I think they should forget about San Francisco as a venue. Since the date is going to change, why not pick somewhere with better weather, nicer facilities at a more reasonable price and with easier access? If it needs to be in Las Vegas in February or Chicago in May, why couldn't they do that? There are certainly people who have never attended who would like to."


Dennis Sellers had covered the tech industry for almost 20 years. Currently, he's the editor and publisher of Macsimum News.

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