Time for Apple to release a 25th anniversary Mac

The Mac turns 25 on Jan. 24. Doesn’t that sound like a good time for Apple to do something big to celebrate this milestone, especially after the relatively low key announcements during the recent Macworld Conference & Expo?

Actually, it’s not a good date since it falls on a Saturday. A great day would be Sunday, Feb. 1, the date of the 2009 Super Bowl. Though this year’s Super Bowl doesn’t fall on the same date as the airing of the original, classic 1984 commercial, it’s symbolically important.Admittedly, Sunday is not normally a good day to announce new products, but the symbolism could make this an exception. Perhaps Apple could start running teaser announcements a week prior to the Super Bowl as it does for its special media events.

Or Apple could announce a 25th anniversary Mac prior to the Super Bowl and run an ad during the football game touting the product. After all, the big event has a worldwide audience.

The iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro are all overdue for updates. A 25th anniversary Mac isn’t likely to be a Mac Pro. And the iMac better captures the spirit of the original Mac better than the Mac mini.

So a new iMac sometime around the Super Bowl? I have no idea, but it would be timely and appropriate.


Dennis Sellers had covered the tech industry for almost 20 years. Currently, he's the editor and publisher of Macsimum News.

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