American Food Franchise Cinnabon opens in New Delhi

The company offers special menu to cater to the Indian market. It is known worldwide for its fresh, aromatic, over-hot cinnamon rolls that are topped with Makara Cinnamon and a wide range of other delicious baked goodies.
For the first time ever, Cinnabon has introduced a completely eggless menu, carefully crafted to suit the Indian palates, but without compromising on taste or texture in any way. Cinnabon Bakeries also has a line of equally delicious frozen blended beverages such as the Caramel Latta Chills, MachaLatta Chills and Chillattas. Earlier, this month, we mentioned about how international food franchises are changing their palette to suit Indian taste buds.
Dish Hospitality Private Limited, the food and beverages arm of Wadhawan Enterprises, has entered into a Master Franchise agreement with US-based Focus Brands to open Cinnabon bakeries in India.


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