Vaidyaratnam eyes to have more franchisees

“In the next three years, the company will have 1,000 more franchisees in major destinations in India and abroad. This initiative will provide 3,000 fresh employment opportunities. The franchisees outside Kerala will showcase ayurvedic products, especially the Vaidyaratnam brand,” Mooss added. Vaidyaratnam, with a current turnover Rs 65 crore, already has to its credit 1,000-odd retail outlets in the State. It also has branches and distribution network spread across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi.

There are also plans to set up in-patient treatment facilities in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi through alliances. The Vaidyaratnam Franchise is also expected to roll out, internationally beginning with a few Middle East nations. The franchisee will be expected to promote and retail the Ayurvedic products.


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