How To Make Your Next “All Staff Meetings” Interactive And Engaging

"All Staff Meetings" take staff time and financial resources to organize. Some organizations hold annual events and others do so quarterly. The question is, do your employees dread them?

All Staff Meetings with leaders who drone on and on about topics that employees can not connect to often result in employees resenting the time that it takes them away from their work. This is especially true when deadlines are looming or work piles on their desk during their absence.

For organizations with 200 or more employees, the All Staff Meeting is an opportunity to spark employee engagement and to build team loyalty since the very size of your organization can lead to "disconnects" between employees and company leaders, and distance from overall operations.

Here are six tips for making sure your next All Staff Meeting is interactive and engaging.

1. Discover what is important to your employees

Survey employees in advance to discover what they want the leaders to talk about so leaders are prepared with their presentation. If training is indicated, invite a speaker or facilitator to address the desired topic and support the employees with follow through coaching throughout the year. This also ensures you will gain maximum return on your training investment.

2. Spark continued success

Present employee success-stories. This can be in the form of a video that is fun and affirming. You can also shoot video at the event and add it to this video record. Another tip is to develop a before and after presentation that quantifies how the success came about and what it achieved. You can also include customer service testimonials or other valued successes that become a chapter in your culture story.

3. Build job understanding

Hold a strategy meeting that addresses the work employees do and tie it to strategies through an interactive discussion. Employees should leave the meeting understanding how what they do supports company goals. You can follow this session with weekly supervisory meetings that track team progress with goal achievement. Show the financial impact of employee goal achievement in a fun and visual way.

4. Recognize high achievers

Select top performers from across the company and recognize them. Don't simply rely on income earned recognition, however.

  • Perk things up with Random Acts of Kindness Awards where someone stepped outside their role to help someone else be successful.
  • Deliver a Golden Egg Award that recognized the biggest mistake made during the year that transformed into a golden learning opportunity that refined procedures by solving a problem at its root cause.
  • Create a You Rock Award. Reward teams that achieved superior results under budget and ahead of schedule.
These rewards help people connect their performance to the company success story. This results in better employee engagement and an inspiration to others to perform better, too.

5. Prepare employee presentations.

Hold pre-event team meetings to create team lead presentations that will be delivered during the All Staff Meeing. Employees enjoy peer led events and it trains employees to make presentations on their own.

6. Invite family to share in the employee's recognition.

Invite the recognized employee's spouse or partner and mature children to the event's lunch or evening catered meal. It builds support for the employee's home life and goodwill in the community at large.

Include all or any one of these tips at your next All Staff Meeting. It will help employees feel more connected, appreciated and knowledgeable about your culture and their connection to operations and goals.


Dianne Crampton helps leaders build engaged and accountable teams. She also licenses and certifies consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators in the use of TIGERS proprietary tools.  TIGERS Success Series, is a trademarked TIGERS team culture process, which stands for trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.


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