What is Professional Presence?

Professional Presence

  • Ability to project a sense of poise/self assurance at work
  • Act in a situation with an advantage, without making others uncomfortable
  • Way of presenting yourself that creates power, credibility and sense of competence
Professional pressence affects promotability, effectiveness with co-workers, how management perceives you. If everyone is a super star, how do you distinquish yourself from the rest of the group? Check out yourprofessional pressence.

Professional Presence Includes

  • The way you walk, talk and dress
  • Your knowledge, skills and abilities
  • The way you meet your obligations
  • Your customer service skills nHow you follow through on your promises
  • How you communicate and relate to others
It is important to look at the effect professional pressence has on you and others. If you are not sure about the request feedback from people you trust and admire. As for feedback from people who will tell you the truth and give you insights into how you can improve your professional presence.


Dianne Floyd Sutton (known to many as Lady Di) is a successful Human Resource, now Human Capital Consultant located in the metro Washington, D.C. area. She wears many professional hats.  Dianne is President of Sutton Enterprises, author, trainer, professor, expert witness, coach and actor.  She has combine...

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