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Digg is a website that allows users to submit stories. Those stories then receive votes as they gain in popularity. With enough votes, a website can receive sudden bursts of traffic that can be staggeringly huge.

In fact, it is not uncommon to read stories from blog and website owners who have had their server crash due to a "hot story" that was discovered on Digg. Now, I know I have your attention!

Digg is one of those sites that seems like something of a dream to an Internet marketer. The notion of having so many people rush into your site is no doubt a pretty seductive concept and it does happen.

People just like you have had this experience. A story or posting they wrote ended up catching fire and rushed to the top of Digg's top ten list.

Just making onto Digg's front page can be worth a lot of money for an Internet marketer. Of course, all sorts of people have noticed the power of Digg and have sought to use it (and abuse it) accordingly.

Digg, for very logical reasons, forbids users from taking money in relation to the site. Well, in a word this rule has ended up becoming largely irrelevant.

People all around the world build up Digg accounts then begin pushing stories up through a variety of means. Interestingly "Digg farms" have been set up to guarantee that a given story will do well on Digg.

I want to flatly state that I do not think this is the way to go. Violating Digg's terms is not a good idea as ultimately it could decrease the legitimacy of what the site has to offer.

As a savvy Internet marketer, you want to be able to promote your stories consistently. There is definitely a social networking aspect to Digg, and users will help each other out to some extent. By playing within Digg's rulebook, you will be able to use the site consistently for years to come. For your purposes, this is much more useful that trying to rig the system for one or two big traffic spikes.

Digg has a bit of a quirky character to it, as the site is full of all sorts of people with their own set agendas. Yet, this is not as uncommon as we would all like to think. While there is a social networking aspect to the site, it is most definitely no Facebook.

Digg, however, does reward those with interesting stories. It is can be extremely good to those who contribute good information, feedback and websites on a consistent basis. If you are looking for ways to build traffic to your site, then Digg can do the trick.

If your goal is to make money online, tools you can find that will help you make that happen are a good idea. Digg is a great website and one that you should definitely keep in your toolbox.


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