LinkedIn is a Tool for Success that is Often Overlooked

You've probably had some experience with social networking. The biggest of sites such as Facebook and Twitter tend to get the most attention. However, there are other sites that can be extremely valuable to would-be Internet marketers.

LinkedIn is a great example of a wonderful social networking site that has been a bit overlooked. The crowd that uses LinkedIn tends to be more professional and more business oriented. Or to phrase it another way, you aren't very likely to see photos of people partying.

LinkedIn is about making business connections. Now that statement should really have your attention for as an Internet marketer or entrepreneur, business connections are a big deal for you.

Being open to using new tools and exploring new ideas is certainly going to be important if you are going to change your business situation. LinkedIn is pretty amazing as it allows you to reach out and make contact with accomplished business professionals from around the world.

You name the industry and you will find players from that industry on LinkedIn; it's that kind of site.

One tip that I always give to people is to join groups that match your interests. Once you are in the same group as other people, you are free to invite them to be your contacts on LinkedIn.

Keeping a clear head is critical for anyone that wants to make more money. If you are looking to get your financial house in order, as I was just a couple of years ago, then you need to be open to ideas, create new opportunities and keep your head clear.

I have taught yoga for years and frequently practice mediation. Let me be clear I think that yoga and meditation had a great deal to do with me being able to go from losing my job as a successful mortgage broker to making more money than I ever as an Internet marketer.

Fear can really keep you from tackling what it is that you want to do in life. Mediation and yoga helped me keep my mind calm. This was really useful when life became really stressful.

Keeping a clear head lets you realize that there are tools at your disposal like LinkedIn. The Internet Revolution and Computer Revolution have changed life so much. Because we are in the middle of this incredible change, we all sometimes forget exactly how much it's impacting everything around us.

People no longer communicate in the same way anymore. LinkedIn is a prime example.

Imagine being able to easily reach out and contact a top-level executive at a technology company or auto manufacturer twenty years ago. It wouldn't have been very easy, but with a site like LinkedIn it couldn't be much easier.

That shows how much things have changed and just how much opportunity is out there... just waiting!


  if you are interested in learning more about Internet marketing ,Didar Khalsa is an Internet marketing guru who is literally changing the way people are making money online.  He blends the mental and physical discipline of his extensive yoga training with a demonstrated mastery of Internet marketing. Visit his homepage at, and ...

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