Most Crucial Features of Lone Worker Security Solutions from SoloProtect

In the last few years, governments and commercial companies have paid more attention to the issue of lone worker safety. Many governments have enacted legislation to help safeguard the welfare of employees working alone. The lone worker protection services and solutions industry in North America, Europe, and even Australia has been making considerable strides, and the lone worker security solutions from SoloProtect is among the most popular and highly regarded.

So what does SoloProtect offer that makes it widely acclaimed among industry experts, government inspectors, and clients? With solutions like the SoloProtect ID and Alarm Receiving Centers, your workers can be monitored properly to help ensure their safety. Here are some of its key features:

Wearable and Discreet

The ID can be worn in several ways, including with a lanyard or clipped to a uniform. It’s easy enough to integrate with workplace attire.

It looks like any other sort of ID card, so if a lone worker encounters a criminal then the card may escape the criminal’s notice. It doesn’t look like advanced technology at all. If you’re working alone while you’re wearing this ID, you won’t have to make obvious movements towards your bag or pocket to raise an alarm. You can actually use this while you keep your eye on the dangerous person.


Actually, it uses the more advanced GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and A-GNSS (Assisted GNSS) technology. GNSS pinpoints your location more reliably and more accurately.

This system is also much faster than ordinary GPS in getting a quick fix on your location through the satellite system. With regular GPS, it can take a whole minute to connect to the satellite system. That’s a lot of precious time lost if you need emergency treatment, and it’s a whole minute that may not be properly recorded. In addition, with a faster location fix you don’t have to use up too much battery power.

Amber Alert

This feature allows the lone worker to record and send messages to a 24/7 monitoring system. With this you can provide valuable background info regarding where you are exactly, what you’re doing, and what you think are potential risks to your safety.

So let’s say you’re a cleaner. While you’re cleaning an office floor after normal working hours you hear a noise where no one is supposed to be. You can then send a message about where you are and what you’ve heard, and you can tell them if you will investigate the source of the noise.

Red Alert

You can push the red alert button when you feel that you’re in danger of serious injury or illness. It opens an audio connection to the monitoring center, and the audio of the incident is recorded. Backups may be sent to your location, and the monitoring center can call for emergency response units.

Incapacitation Alarm

What if you suddenly get a heart attack while you’re alone with no one to call for help? The SoloProtect ID can send an automatic alarm to the monitoring center. This can be activated when the security device detects that you’re not moving and the device is tilted for a couple of minutes.

This can be rather annoying if you’re just lying down to take a rest. So you’re sent a vibrating warning to notify you that an alarm will be sent. You may also receive a call from the monitoring center to see if you’re able to communicate.

These are excellent features, but what really sets SoloProtect apart from others is that it’s extremely reliable. Use this for your lone worker employees, and you will find them quite effective in ensuring the safety of the lone workers of your company.


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