Contextual Ads - Where It Came From & Where Is It Going...

Contextual advertising is not a new concept and has been around for a good decade or so. It has been tried and tested by many companies, though most successfully by Google with its AdWords program

Contextual advertising is an ad generation & delivery mechanism based on the content of any web page that is currently being viewed. The ad generation system understands semantically when site visitors are viewing a page about sports, for example. It knows by examining words on the page and many other factors. It performs semantic analysis of the page, breaking down the page to its core components to understand the “about-ness” of the page. In this example, it understands and delivers sports-related ad. That's the "contextual" part. The sports ad fits the "context," or subject, of the page.

Google was the first company to successfully work on this technology and generate huge revenues. They launched the “AdWords” program which delivers contextually targeted ads next to the search results. It was hugely successful because of its simplicity and contextual relevance.

Google followed up its act by releasing a another new program called “AdSense” which allowed contextual ads to be displayed on any web page as long as they embed a piece of code from Google in their websites. The ads were contextually relevant and targeted as per the page they were embedded in.

This also had a dramatic effect on the advertises as now they could release more value out of their marketing dollars, had a better understanding of connecting with its user base and could easily track the progress of their campaigns, visitors, and even track all the individual purchases.

Since, many other companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon have launched their own mechanism of generating and delivering contextual advertisements which have been well accepted by the business world. is a new company with a new thought about providing contextual advertisements – taking into consideration the user profile, social networking information and other time based information for generating highly targeted & contextually relevant advertisements.

Web site visitors will never have to see any ads that are not targeted to them or relevant to them – that is the promise of next generation of contextual ads, coming soon to a website near you!



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