Say it again and again and again and again

In the world of advertising, there are three important elements to assembling an effective advertising effort. 1) You must have a message that connects with your customer, and addresses their needs. 2) You must have an advertising vehicle that provides the necessary reach (how many potential customers will see or hear your ad). 3) Your advertising effort must have frequency. In this article I am focusing on the third element, frequency. This is often the most overlooked part of an advertising effort, yet is critical to the success of your campaign.

Frequency in plain English is how many times someone sees or hears your ad. Every day we are all bombarded by a variety of advertising messages in newspapers, television, radio, internet, billboards, coffee mugs, pens, pencils, shirts, hats….the list can go on forever. Take a moment to think about what you watched on TV last night, or read in the paper earlier today. How many advertisements can you quickly recall, and if you can, what was the message? For an effective advertising effort, you must have your message repeated until it finally gets through to your intended reader, listener, or viewer.

How you repeat your message, is a function of what kind of results you are seeking. If a business is trying to create immediate sales, it will require a number of ads appearing over a short period of time. You may notice in your community that a car dealer is all over the radio for a few days, telling you about their “Extraordinary Lease Deal”, which ends on Saturday. Their ad campaign is using frequency to motivate as many potential customers as possible to come in by Saturday. The dealer wants to sell his cars now. If your business is a professional practice (Financial Advisor, Insurance Agency, or Attorney for instance) your choice of frequency in your advertising, may mean scheduling your advertisements on some kind of regular basis over a period of weeks or months. You may not need to generate a few dozen appointments over the next few days, rather you would like to “keep your pipeline” filled over the next several months. In either case, frequency is being used as a key to an effective advertising campaign.

It takes quite a few times for a message to get through to your potential customer. Don’t skip on repetition. It’s an important part of a successful campaign. Don’t be afraid to say it again, and again and again.


Don works with individuals and businesses that want to increase sales and grow revenue. He learned sales “on the street”, and through his StreetSmart Sellingtm sales training program ( ) he takes his experience and turns it into practical ideas on sales and marketing. For over the past 30 years Don has been a consistent top-billing radio advertising rep, a radio sales manager, and for over 15 years, president of his own marketing and advertising agency. Today, He ...

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