The Importance of Mental Conditioning to our Success

"The world meets nobody halfway , if you want it you gotta take it."This memorable quote from a Sylvester Stallone movie is still etched in my memory bank. What is the meaning behind this quote? It simply means that if we want to succeed in anything in this world we need to do the things that make the difference to whether we succeed or not because there are no in-between measures for the winners. The biggest obstacle we face in reaching our goals is ourselves. As humans we all suffer from some form of mental dysfunctional conditioning but the understanding and controlling of our mental conditioning will be critical to our success.

If you are asking yourself how can I be successful? How am I conditioned? pay attention to mental block or doubt you encounter on a daily basis. We all experience these feelings. How many times have you allowed these thoughts or feelings to consume you and affect your productivity? If negative thoughts in your sub-conscious control your conscious feelings welcome to the state of mental dysfunctional conditioning.

Our reasons for wanting to be successful differ from person to person. For some it is financial, for others it is the public recognition for their efforts or achievements. It is important to realise that success only exists because of failure so it is perfectly natural to make mistakes. It is the control of our minds when these events will inevitably occur is the key factor. We need to recognise negative thoughts when we experience them but instead of ignoring them we need to address them. I have a little strategy for this.

  1. You need to acknowledge and possess realities in your mind that are not real. e.g. your financial status, you own a big house, a Ferrari and have a five figure income per month or you are a great writer, great marketer, great at shooting videos etc,, anything that seems unreal now becomes real and is no longer something to be feared but embraced as a new reality.
  2. To know that that your sub-conscious is far more powerful than your conscious state.
  3. To acknowledge that you can achieve or do the same things as anyone else.
The only difference between you and someone who is already successful is your mental reality, your thoughts, your beliefs, your knowledge and most importantly your social influences which I discussed in a previous article. All the above factors can either be changed or developed through constant exposure association and interaction with those who have learned to control their mental reality.

We all often blame circumstances for our inability to succeed but we present the major obstacles from preventing us from reaching our goals. If you manage to block these barriers in the future on a daily basis you will experience a freedom to allow you to achieve anything that you want to achieve.The world will then be your oyster.


I have worked as a teacher for the past ten years teaching music and German for the Department of Education. I have a masters degree in music from Maynooth University as well as a B.A and H.Dip. Ed in teaching. I have diplomas from Trinity College London in both piano and organ. In the last few years I have been involved in business. I owned my own real estate company in Ireland for 3yrs and I have received distinction in my real estate exams during this period. More recently I have set up my ow...

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