Cool Customer Clincher

Today's mail included a card-sized envelope with my name and address handwritten, and a regular stamp, from someone whose name (in the top-left corner) I didn't recognize. Was it a belated Valentine, or what?

Curious, I opened it up to find a card that said on its outside "Happy 1st Anniversary!" Even more curious, I opened it to read, "You've been our client for 1 year, and we want to thank you for your business! We look forward to many more years of serving you!" Opposite this, handwritten, was "We appreciate your business! Doug McRae"

I was none the wiser until I picked up the business card that had fallen out, and discovered it was from a plumber I must have used a year ago, and forgotten.

What a cool way to remind me of him. And so simple!

All the elements of it compelled me to open the envelope. And it had much more impact than a birthday card, because it was alone, instead of one of many.

It impressed me enough to put his card in my card file, so I'll be sure to remember him next time I need a plumber.


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