Endless Referrals

The intent and theme of Bob Burg's book, "Endless Referrals" is how to get people to know you, like you, and trust you. They should also want to see you succeed, and want to help you to find new business.

Well that's what we all want, so does this book deliver?

Yep. And it's about more than just getting referrals. Take this, for example, "The four ingredients in a successful networking recipe are truth, justice, peace, and love."

Burg gives you more than the mere mechanics of obtaining referrals. He presents a philosophy in sync with permission marketing, as you'll see it in his "Seven networking disciplines:

1. Acquire knowledge.

2. Place yourself before potential networking prospects.

3. Be wise by learning from others---especially your networking prospects. Learn how you can help them.

4. Give unrequited referral. Help others in your network without expecting an immediate payback.

5. Be tactful. Tact is the language of strength.

6. Allow yourself to be rewarded with endless referrals after showing persistence. Follow through in gratitude.

7. Realize that discipline and networking are nothing more than learning how to benefit from being the 'boss of yourself' so that you can constructively help and influence others to network."

"We are ideally put on earth to help others. And, of course, as we help others we invariably help ourselves."

If there is a 'bible' of getting referrals, and networking then this is it. Get it and be enlightened!


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