How I Build My Business

The good news is it isn't as difficult and you might think.

Not only do I get in front of a lot of the right people, but they generally will come to the office during the day rather than me having to go to their homes at night.

Every orphan policyholder assigned to me gets a letter of introduction and a questionnaire asking them to tell us what their priorities and concerns are. About 5% return it.

Twice a year each of our clients gets another letter, (not a newsletter), an actual letter, with another questionnaire, and generally the letter will have something in it.

For example, the 'Spring cleaning' letter includes a package of flower seeds to plant. In the summer, 'Have a cool one on us' includes a package of Kool-Aid. And in the fall we send out the 'Take a break on us' letter with a tea bag.

Do you know who those people call or send their kids to see when they need insurance? You guessed it! Me!!

We telephone all our clients at least once a year, and send our 'A' clients a birthday card, where we also ask them for referrals, "If you are happy with our service tell us who we should talk to".

So what does that add up to?

An annual investment of about $5 per client and a bit of time. Yet every year for the past ten my income has increased with this small amount of effort.

I still sell a ton of term insurance, as it is important to protect young families and provide cash at death to pay off their mortgages. I also sell whole life and universal life.

And the best thing about this business is I get to convert all that term to permanent over the next ten years. What could be better than that?

This is the greatest business in the world, and many of us are squandering our opportunities by not aiming high enough, and not giving the kind of service to our clients that they deserve.

Colin J. Campbell CFP, CLU, CHFC, Partner, Kootenay Valley Financial, in Cranbrook, BC, specializing in estate, and succession planning for family held businesses. Long standing ADVOCIS member, Past President Kootenay Chapter and current BC representative to the Chapter Advisory Council.


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