Are Men Smarter Than Women

Are men smarter than women? A huge new report says they’re not, but they certainly think they are.

An analysis of 30 different studies shows that men and women are fairly equal in terms of overall IQ, but women tend to underplay their own intelligence while men overestimate theirs.

The studies show that on average, women underestimate their IQ scores by about five points while men overestimate their own IQs by at least that much. Because the studies were international, the results were the same whether the people were from the United States or Japan, Argentina or Zimbabwe.

But not only do men think that men are smarter, surprisingly even the women in these studies perceive men to be smarter. Both sexes believe their fathers are smarter than their mothers and, if there are children, both men and women think their sons are brighter than their daughters.

I have a hard time believing this research because I’ve met a lot of brilliant women who know they’re smart and they use it to their advantage. They don’t think for a minute that men are smarter than they are and that’s why they’re so successful.


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