Styles of Leadership

I think the candidates on last season's The Apprentice were the best we have had so far. They were intelligent and resourceful, and most of them possessed strong leadership skills.

It's always interesting to watch people who have been incredibly successful in their own businesses work in a group made up of equally strong personalities. It takes a special kind of leader who can effectively manage a team of veritable strangers and find the best way to get strong, winning performances from them.

Obviously, not everyone can do it. Some people have leadership styles that make strong personalities bristle. Others are stellar when they are in command of loyal, obedient troops, but fall apart when anyone questions their decisions or doubts their authority.

Just because they lost in The Apprentice boardroom, doesn't mean those personality types are failures. In real life, the business world needs all kinds of leaders. If you're in a leadership position now or have your sights set on one, it's important for you to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, then assess where to go from there. Take some time to sit down and try to review your personal strengths and weaknesses. I think you'll find it's a very eye-opening exercise.


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